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❤️ Palette Afterglow


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❤️ Palette of Deep Feelings


(9 customer reviews)

Palette of Deep Feelings

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There are no gimmicks or deceptions here. Just a seductive 9-piece eye-shadow palette with plenty of blacks and greys. Based on our best-selling Dark-side Palette, but updated with highly saturated colors that blend seamlessly into skin and creamy formulations that stick to your lids for long-wearing use.



            Deep Feelings

            Tundra: glittery platinum silver

            Hazy morning: light ash grey

            Smoke-show: shimmery brown-grey

            Toasted hazelnut: light metallic brown

            In my orbit: deep glittery chrome blue

            Decadence: deep brown

            Silver fox: glittery chrome silver

            Hidden gem: glittery charcoal grey

            Abyss: deep black


Type: Palette

Texture: Powder

Benefits: Long-wearing, Smudge Proof

Finish: Metallic, Matte, High-Shine

Quantity: 1 piece

Net Weight: 12.5 g

Length: 12.9 cm

Width: 12.9 cm

Height: 1.9 cm

9 reviews for ❤️ Palette of Deep Feelings

  1. Lucy Bergeron

    So adorable I’ve been waiting for them to release a black palette, and I’ll be utilizing this one tonight.

  2. Aubrey Murphy

    Absolutely amazing, I am in love with this palette, it was one of the nicest purchases I have ever made, if you want to buy it, just do it!!! Very pigmented and really stunning

  3. Amelia Lavoie

    I’ve been loving smokey tones recently, and this seemed like a lot of fun. It reminds me of an old palette I had. The colors are nice, and this palette is ideal for quick and simple looks.

  4. Addison Gauthier

    Fantastic quality palette, incredibly creamy and silky, fantastic pigmentation, and a stunning black. They are quite simple to apply and wear beautifully without settling in your wrinkles. I have many of them now and can’t say enough good things about them for the price!

  5. Aria Singh

    The make-up was fantastic, particularly the gray glittery one.

  6. Abigail Wong

    I’m in love with this palette, especially the glittery Tundra colour, Ooo it takes the look to a whole new level. Despite the fact that I’m still new to make-up, I find the pigment blends nicely and lasts a long time.

  7. Ellie Tremblay

    This palette has it all! The eyeshadow is very silky. I did a few samples of each hue with just one finger swipe across it. I adore every hue and can’t wait to put them all to use.

  8. Avery Boucher

    I purposefully chose this color pallet. I adore the dark tones.

  9. Victoria Moore

    I adore this color scheme. With this palette, I was able to get the ideal black. Not only that, but the silver tones are stunning. For a family wedding, I used it on a customer!

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