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🍁 Stethoscope for Automotive Mechanics Noise Detector


Stethoscope for Automotive Mechanics Noise Detector Detector for Engine Cylinders

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Stethoscope for Automotive Mechanics Engine Cylinder Detector Diagnostic Tester


One of the most common ways to discover problems in rotating machinery is through vibration and noise detection. Noise detectors were widely employed in engine cylinder diagnostics and other industrial applications. Intercepting engine or other parts sounds will assist us in quickly and precisely locating the worn or broken component.


The cylinder stethoscope is a basic and portable automobile troubleshooting instrument.

It can detect noise from bearings, gears, valves, crankshafts, cylinders, gearboxes, and other components, assisting technicians in pinpointing the source of the problem. During the repair process, time is saved and efficiency is increased.


Suitable For:

The stethoscope is used in rotary and reciprocating mechanical metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile, electricity, mining, electrical machinery, ships, vehicles, airplanes, machine tools, and different technical machinery, as well as heavy machinery.

Particularly for big, complicated, long-term continuous operation machines.




1 Quickly and precisely tracking engine sounds

2 Listening for odd sounds like water, oil, or steam might assist us figure out what’s wrong.

3 Detecting engine parts such as bearings, motors, chassis, and gearboxes.

4 Maintenance technicians, mechanics, and security guards will benefit from this.

5 The stethoscope may be used on ships, planes, machines, and other mechanical devices.

6 From engine to dashboard, tracking the scream impact sounds

7 preventing noise from piston slap and gear abrasion

8 Increasing probe configuration allows us to identify machines more thoroughly and accurately.

9 Handheld design that is shockproof



Noise detection range: 10HZ – 10KHZ

Long needle length: 250mm, short needle length: 80mm, needle diameter: 4mm


Package include:

1x cylinder stethoscope

1x 250mm Probe


Warm Greetings:

1 1 inch equals 2.54 centimeters;

2 Due to different display settings, color may vary somewhat.

3 Due to hand measuring, there may be a 1-2 cm variance in size; please allow for this.


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