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🍁 Crystal Gold Collagen Facial Face Mask Anti-Aging Moisturizing Skin Care

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🍁 Snail Face Cream Whitening Ageless Anti Wrinkles Lifting Facial Firming Skin Care


60g OneSpring Natural Snail Cream Face Cream Whitening Ageless Anti Wrinkles Lifting Facial Firming Skin Care

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OneSpring is a brand.

Gender: feminine

Anti-Aging Benefits

Model No. : 1 spring snail cream

Natural Snail essence is an ingredient.

China is the country/region of manufacture.

2017058470 is the certificate number.

Apply: Face

Cream is the item kind.

60 (g / ml) NET WT


Snail cream is the product name. Cream for the face. Cream for the day. Cream for the night

Depth replenishment is an advantage. Skin repair. Hydrating

Age Requirement: Unrestricted. The best moisturizer for the face. Skin should be lifted.

Beauty goods are the item kind. Treatment of the face Care for the skin

Quality Control: Qualified. The best moisturizer for dry skin. Skin is improved.

Face cream with moisturizing properties. Snail serum Essence

Moisturizing whiting is the result. Soothing and nourishing. Whitening

Appropriate for: Dry skin. Skin that is oily. Extract of a snail. Nourishing

Snail essence can be used on the face. Perfect Snail Moisturizer Cream

The expiration date is 36 months. Plant extracts are an ingredient. Cosmetics



Product Information

Women Skin Care OneSpring Natural Snail Moisturizer Facial Cream Hydrating Whitening Skin Anti-Aging Anti Wrinkles Shrink Pores



Skin care that is gentle

Re-hydrating and moisturizing

Moisturizing and gentle on the skin

Re-hydrating and moisturizing fragile skin

Skin that is smooth and sensitive

Delicate and silky

hydrating and moisturizing



OneSpring is a brand.

China is the country of origin.

60g net weight

3 years shelf life


Method of Application:

1. Wash your face.

2. Apply to the face evenly.

3. Gently touch to allow the essence to absorb



Glycerol. Cetyl stearyl alcohol Snail secretions are filtered. Extract of marigold. Stearate of sucrose Copolymer of sodium acrylate and acrylate dimethyl taurate.

imidazolidinyl urea, bis (hydroxymethyl). Propylene glycol Butyl carbamate, iodopropynyl alcohol


Product effectiveness

Contains snail secretion filtrate, the texture is delicate and watery, moisturizes the skin, provides skin care and hydration, leaving it soft, clean, and moisturized.


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