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🍁 1 Waterproof Piece Makeup for Lipgloss Nude Metallic Metal


(5 customer reviews)

1 Waterproof Piece Makeup for Lipgloss Glosses for the lips Nude Metallic Metal that lasts a long time Pink that lasts a long time Shining Bright Shimmer Lipstick Color-changing DIAMOND Nonstickcup Cosmetics with Diamondshine Chameleon is a chameleon-like creature Makeup for the lips

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Net Weight:4 ml (Weight:21 g)

Package:1 x Liquid Lipstick

Color: As Shown Package:1 x Liquid Lipstick

Note that the real colors may change somewhat from the picture owing to lighting effects and computer color settings. All persons are eligible to use it. Product effectiveness: Don’t touch the cup, it won’t fade, and the colors are vibrant.



1. Liquid Lipstick in 6 Matte Colors/6 Metallic Colors.

2. It’s water-resistant and won’t stick to the cup.

3. It is preferable to use a lip balm or a lip product with a foundation before applying it to your lips.

4. Applying a very thin coating will have a nice impact.

5. Because this lipgloss is really dry, don’t clip your lips before it dries fully (wait 3-5 minutes). Otherwise, it will be sticky.

6. If you use a lip brush instead of your hands, it will appear a bit darker. As a result, using a lip brush is highly suggested.

7. It may fade a bit if you eat oily foods, so avoid french fries if you’re wearing this lip gloss.

8. If your lip feels sticky, put the clear or similar color powder on it.

9. To remove them from your lips, use a professional makeup remover oil.

Additional information

Color Numbers

1, 10, 11, 12, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

5 reviews for 🍁 1 Waterproof Piece Makeup for Lipgloss Nude Metallic Metal

  1. Evelyn Thompson

    However, the lipgloss could use a little more moisture. The color is stunning, and it lasts a long time!

  2. Elizabeth Lavoie

    I really like the color and will be getting the other colors as well.

  3. Charlotte Morin

    Very nice I love it ty

  4. Hailey Anderson

    This product is one of my favorites, and it also tastes great.

  5. Aliyah Wong

    It appeals to me. It’s the perfect hue for me!

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