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🍁 Luxury Cat Tree Tower With Cozy Plush Condos Beige/Grey, 33″/34″


Cat Bed Play House,Beige/Grey,33″/34″ Luxury Cat Tree Tower With Cozy Plush Condos and Sisal Posts For Large Cats,Cat Bed Play House

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Cat Towers with Large Perch, Fully Wrapped Scratching Posts, and Dangling Balls



Age Range: Advanced Chipboard + Plush (Polyester) + Sisal All Life Stages (description)



1.Do not write the address as a “Post Office Box,” as we will be unable to deliver it.

2.Buyers from the islands should not purchase it since we are unable to deliver it.


Size Information:

SIZE A :33″/84Cm Tall    Product Weight:7KG/15Lbs

SIZE B :34″/86cm Tall     Product Weight:11KG/24Lbs



STRONG AND SAFETY: The priority is always stability. The bottom foundation has been reinforced to ensure the integrity of the entire cat tree.


ROOMY AND SPACIOUS: While resting and gazing out the window, the extra big top perch with elevated cushion rim provides optimum comfort for feline friends. It will undoubtedly appeal to them.


PRIVACY AND COMFORT: The two condominiums are coated in super soft plush or felt, and the enclosed design gives them a sense of protection while providing a peaceful spot to cuddle up for a nap.


HEALTHY AND ENJOYABLE: The scratching post, which is fully covered in natural sisal, will totally fulfill their scratching instinct and assist them in keeping good clawing habits.


DETACHABLE AND REASONABLE: Your tiny “tiger” is enthralled by the fluffy ball. The dangling ball will be robust enough to not be damaged thanks to the unusual design.



1. Inquiry: Is this OK for 8-week-old kittens?

Answer: Yes. It isn’t too large or tall for them. They develop rapidly and like climbing and exploring. It’s fantastic, and my kitties adore it. It will be a hit with your child.


2. Inquiry: Is it possible to remove the top cushion and wash it?

Answer: “size B” actually, yes, since it’s made of a material that wraps around the top to give it that shape. So if you want to wash it, you can just take it off.


3. Inquiry: Would this be suitable for a rabbit?

Answer: Yes, my rabbit only visits the lower levels, while the cats visit the top levels.


4. Inquiry: Will this carry the weight of my two cats, one of whom is 30 pounds and the other of whom is 28 pounds? They adore being up in the trees, so I’ve been hunting for one that won’t fall over.


Answer: I’d say it’s rather robust; I don’t believe it’ll topple over easy.

The upper section, where the cat would sit, is the roomiest. My cat, who weighs 25 pounds, is able to fit on it.


5. Inquiry: What is the material of the bottom home on this cat tree-SIZE B?

Answer: It’s composed of synthetic fur and appears to be rather sophisticated.

This part can be dismantled at the same time (as shown in the detailed picture).



– Children should be kept away from the cat tree. Place the cat tree against a wall corner on a flat floor. Humidity should be avoided.

– If your cat chews or eats the fuzzy balls or elastic band, please remove the toys and keep them out of your cat’s reach.



Additional information


Beige, Grey


A, B


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